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IAG 2021 Video Replays

Inspiring Across Generations are regional conferences that gather our corporate and community partners for a day of leadership, mentorship and relationship development programs providing insight and benefits for both students and seasoned professionals. These conferences also provide networking opportunities for leaders, professionals and students at the local level. The Ascend Greater Washington and New England chapters partnered to offer the 2021 IAG conference to our local communities. This conference was held in three 2-hour sessions from 11/8-10 :

Day 1

Introduction: Resilience

Zach Heng

Presentation on Branding 

Zoomie Zein

Mindfulness Exercise

Philip Li

Panel theme: Thriving in workforce

Junaid Hoosen

Taka Ariga

Chris Yamamoto

Peggy Tsai

Closing Remarks

Zach Heng

Day 2

Introduction: Thriving in Oneself

Amy Chen

Keynote Speaker and Workshops

Jeanie Cheng

Cooking Demonstration

Chef Ashish Alfred

Closing Remarks

Amy Chen

Day 3

Introduction: Resilience

Presentation on D&I (Grant Thornton)

Ivana Lee

Katherine Thompson

Panel: Thriving in Our Communities

Shareem King

Apoorva Gandhi

Annie Le

Paul Bi

Presentation: Organization Involvement

GW and NE Ascend Chapters

Closing Remarks

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