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In Conversation with Sheena Yap Chan

Presented on 5/19/2023

Sheena Yap Chan is a champion to elevate the voices of Asian Women and Beyond.  Her journey started with her podcast called The Tao of Self-Confidence where she has interviewed over 700 AAPI women from around the world about their journey to self confidence.  Her mission is to eliminate the negative stereotypes of the AAPI women and create a stronger voice through various forms of media.  Her upcoming book with Wiley called The Tao of Self-Confidence: A Guide to Moving Beyond Trauma and Awakening the Leader Within is a book that dives deep into the cultural and historical issues that affect the leadership potential of people generally, and Asian women specifically. The book also talks about how to structure your mindset so it’s best suited to developing your career and personal growth.  For AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, Sheena is also raising funds to donate 3,000 copies of her upcoming book to libraries nationwide to promote diversity and give back to the community.  This timely discussion was held with members of the Ascend GW community to inspire the creation of more leaders within our community and beyond.

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